Saturday, May 21, 2011


I'll list all the nicknames that my humans have given to my and the other furkids in the house! They'll be listed in order of age (oldest to youngest).

Russell: Old Man, Bubby, Russy, Butthead

Angelo: Bo, Bo-Bo, Angebo, Fuzzy Kitty

Sunny: Big Fat Sunny, Sunshine, Sunny D, Sun Sun

Tucker: Tucky, Taquito, Mustache, White Nut, Gray Baby

Lola: Bug, Booger, Boog, Elle, Boog Baby, Calico

Cecil: CeCe, Ce, Baby Ce, Orange Kee

Meeee: Monster, Piranha, Monkey, Ring-Tail, Brat, Mega Brat, Naughty, Buttface, Bad Kitty

What nicknames do you have for your cats? What about other kinds of animals?

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